Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the below questions, regularly asked by users. If still doubt prevails, feel free to connect with us.

The steps to use the platform in connecting with studnets are very simple

  • Register: Regsiter yourself on the platform. Do select, the role as "Tutor".
  • Create Profile: Once registered, create your profile easily.
  • Recharge Account: Please proceed to recharge your wallet. A small amount will be deducted for the requirements shown to you.
  • Connect: Once you see the contact number of students, feel free to connect them directly.

The minimum amount to recharge is Rs 500.

You can follow the guidelines to recharge in My Wallet

We do not sell video tutorials in any form.

You can watch all our videos either through our Youtube Channel or through our website

Due to Corona and other internal reasons, we had to stop the production of videos. We will resume the same again in some time as the situation improves. And yes, it will be for free llike always.

Still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask us and we will include it in the page.